Saint Matthew 5: 20-26

6th Sunday after Trinity: 23 July Anno Domini 2017

Father Jay Watson SSP

In The Name + of Jesus

I say unto you that your righteousness does not, cannot, and will not exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees. Not now, and not even at the end of a sermon should I chose and follow the new Calvinistic scheme of 3rd Use Sanctification Idolatry that is creeping into our parishes because “old Adam” always likes Moses better than a bloody, swollen, spit-smeared scandal hanging dead Man on a tree.

While the power and might of The Lord is awesome, those twin towers of sovereignty are written in inflexible God-fingered Law.  Love The Lord perfectly; Love everyone else perfectly; Love in sacrificial doing not in witless “thinking”…or be damned to hell.  Scribes and Pharisees, the very definition of those who were experts in the form but not the content; manipulators of the text but not receivers of He Whom the text testified to…will be in hell.  They will be joined by the Law driven Mormon, J.W.’s, and Muhammadans.  That too is the danger of the so-called Protestant “holiness sects” which are parasites on the Christian church.  One who looks to oneself is looking away from the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven is the King crucified.  The King’s royal bounty, treasure, and goodness—His mercy and forgiveness is given out at the King’s Table, fountain, and ambo of absolution by His very words!

The simplest and most single thing—GRACE,  just Grace free and boundless, is absolutely the most complicated and multifaceted, (multi-mixed up) mash of mealy mud when sinful “old natures” try and add to it, supplement it, or keep it like a Pharisee or Scribe. 

Christ teaches the Law yes, but He is the content of said 10 Commandments, and more importantly the fulfiller, do-er, and end of those stony condemnations.

Jesus says don’t kill people.  People are made by God Himself, and though bearing now the fallen image of sinful Adam they still bear the mark of their creator—dead and damned though they be of themselves.  Jesus says don’t kill them. Don’t murder them.  And that it is still a result of a sinful world, and your sin, that anyone dies by accident, negligence, or even self-defense.  But Jesus here, and elsewhere, also speaks of the underlying sin of hate and ego, sins in thought, which motivates all physical taking of life, sins in deed,: homicide, infanticide, suicide, feticide (abortion), and geriatricide.

Because this week past, mayhaps even this morning, you bear in your heart and mind grudges, resentments, bitternesses, angers, and hatreds for your neighbors…an un-repenting you, an unbelieving you, a not clinging to the Christ and His Word you, would be in danger of not the council, but of hell fire.

So, like everyone from Adam to Abraham to Moses to David to Malachi to Matthew to…you, you’re looking for the quick and easy “fix.”  But you’re not really looking for the true and simple truth of The Crucifix. You’re in search of a code, list, I-phone ‘app,’ wristband/scapular/jewelry adornment/tattoo/ or a new and different pastor’s blog-of-the-week with better “methods” so that you can do a better and ever more sanctified accomplishing job of “remembering that thy brother hath ought against thee,” and that you can be about leaving your gift at the altar and quickly finding your brother to be reconciled. 

Yes. The Law thus demands.  Yes. The Law will require perfect forgiveness of trespasses that your neighbor commits against you…until you’re both dead.  You know the 5th Petition of the Our Father; you just don’t do it.

No.  You will not be any better after a decades and decades long life of Scripture memorization, praying to yourself, or journaling your accomplishments than you were as an 8-day Saint born from Jesus at + the Font.  Christ is The Author and Giver of all good things for you and in you by His Word and Work.  He grafts in your “hearts” the love of His Name by the faith which He bleeds and speaks into you.  His goodness, His righteousness is draped upon you as your wedding veil…His blood anoints your head with your own individual royal Christening.

Jesus left everything He had and went to His neighbor…His adversary…His enemy…all the fallen and condemned sons of Adam.  Jesus took everything that you have ever done, or will do, against your fellow creature; Jesus took every assault and murder that has ever been done against you, and He let that sin, that evil, that damning weight and hellish rot, pierce Him to the Cross and bleed Him dry. His conquering of the old ancient adversary allows the true Judge to deliver you from the jail and place you on the throne. 

Jesus’ holiness and keeping of The Law is your sanctification and life.

Here endeth The Gospel.

In the Name of the Father and + of the Son and of The Holy Ghost



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